How I Plan A Month Ahead

I’m crazy I know!

I roughly plan my blog at the beginning/end of each month. I find that this helps me to stay motivated and is sort of like a mini goal to stick to. So here is the tips and tricks I find most helpful when planning so far in advance.

  1. Make a list of the posts you want to write, it doesn’t have to be that month. Just make a general list. If you have posts, such as monthly favourites, that you do each month include them. Dont make it perfect, use symbols to represent which posts you definitely want to do. I draw a little hear of star next to the posts that I’m excited to do or definitely want to include that month. Posts I’m not so sure about I add a question mark next to them.
  2. Your phone calendar is your best friend! Count up how many posts you need for that month. I post 6 times a week so for me I needed 26 posts in total. I worked backwards and added my monthly favourite posts to my calendar first as well as posts that needed to be up at a specific time such as mothers day posts. From there I could see what days I had left and where I needed posts. I have around 8 posts that I was desperate to do so I added at least one of them to each week so that I didn’t lose interest in writing posts and so that my personality was shown throughout the whole month.
  3. A fresh list. As I add each post idea to my calendar I cross it off my list. I was left with some posts that I have started for next month. Each time there is more posts I carry them over on each month. If I have carried them over for 3 months and still don’t feel like doing them I cross them out for good as this shows to me that I consciously dont want to write this post.

I hope this helps everyone! From the experienced bloggers to the newbies I hope you all take something away from this.

What’s your biggest tip for stay on track with a blogging schedule?

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