This Is What Made Me Fall In Love With Pinterest

Pins, boards and likes

My love affair with Pinterest started around the time my blog did, college then came around and we were encouraged to use it. Since then I have been completely obsessed with it.

Who needs google?

90% of the time I use Pinterest over Google, I find it a lot easier to get the results I am looking for. I find myself scrolling for hours and end up completely off track looking at things that end up being completely irrelevant.

Plan, plan, plan

Pinterest is amazing for planning absolutely anything weddings, party, trips, meals, mood boards literally anything! I have planned my fair few weddings and party using Pinterest. I literally had a wedding for every season and theme. Colour schemes and mood boards are probably my favorite thing to have a board on, they are so pleasing to scroll through.

Promote and discover

Pinterest is not only amazing for promoting your blogs or your talents but it is also amazing for discovering new bloggers,  recipes and DIY’s.

If you can’t already tell Pinterest is probably my favorite social media, if you’re a new blogger debating if Pinterest is going to help your blog the answer is yes! 


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