Green Hair and No UCAS Points… WHAT?

A life update, voted by you! If you follow me on twitter you will have seen I put up a poll asking what you wanted to see and the majority of you voted for a life update. So here it is! For starters I died my hair purple, not like a pretty girly lilac but [...]


How I Plan A Month Ahead

I'm crazy I know! I roughly plan my blog at the beginning/end of each month. I find that this helps me to stay motivated and is sort of like a mini goal to stick to. So here is the tips and tricks I find most helpful when planning so far in advance. Make a list [...]

5 Ways To Drink More Water

Water is bae! I could go on about how water is good for us and everything and blah blah blah. I dont need to. We all know this yet 90% of us still find it hard to drink water on a daily basis. Use a tracking app: This turns it into a sort of game, [...]

Why I Take a Week Off Blogging

I love blogging but this shit is intense! I find that take a week each month away from blogging weather that is to catch up on college work, spend time with family, going on holiday or writing some blog posts in advance because it a busy months helps me to stay in control of not [...]

18 Things I Have Learnt In 18 Years

So I'm 18... This is crazy! I'm not ready to adult! I'm just pretending I'm still 17 and I have been turned into a vampire and I'm not getting any older! Do what ever makes you happy, don't carry on doing something that makes you un-happy. Don't surround yourself with people that portray negative energy, [...]